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Short Sleeve Matty Shirt


Size | 2/Small


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      Organic cotton, dyed by hand with natural indigo after a super labor intensive process of accordion pleating the fabric from selvedge to selvedge and then stitching the length of the fabric 40-50 times . The most labor intensive part of the process is actually the removal of all of the stitches before the fabric is opened, revealing the rich, organic, striping of hundreds of stitch lines. As a result of all of the hand process each garment will be unique in its patternwork. Single tailor construction and french seams ensure that this shirt is made to last, and its timeless look makes it perfect to pass down for decades and hopefully centuries.
      Wash it cold and hang it dry, it only gets better with age.
      Expect beautiful fading with washing and sun exposure, as the shirt becomes more uniquely yours with wear.
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