Number Six Shave Soap



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  • Product Description

      Caswell Massey's premium shaving soaps are tailored for men seeking to enhance the experience of the traditional wet shave. Using a concentrated plant-based formula, this shave soap is easily whipped into a rich, frothy lather. The generous amount of coconut oil and glycerin work together as a hair softening and lubrication to give your blade a superior glide.

      How to Enjoy

      • Soak shave brush until fully wet
      • Develop a rich lather using circular motions until small bubbles develop
      • Apply evenly in the same circular motion
      • Shave using preferred razor, double-edge safety razor recommended
      • Drain excess water from the shave soap tin, air dry, and replace lid on tin


      • Coconut oil to reduce inflammation aided by natural antimicrobial properties
      • High concentration of vegetable-based glycerin provides superior skin hydration, especially important when used with safety razors
      • Coconut oil and glycerin combine to add stability for creation of dense lather
      • Concentrated formula allows our shave soaps to last longer than shave creams
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