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Number Six Shave Cream



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  • Product Description

      This uniquely smooth and creamy shaving cream from Caswell Massey has been the choice of the world's finest barbers. It's designed to lift and separate hair so the razor glides effortlessly for a clean and safe shave. Their recipe is intentionally non-foaming for an easy clean.

      How to Enjoy

      • Wet face with warm water
      • Apply a small, quarter-sized amount to your fingertips or brush
      • Massage gently into facial hairs
      • Slow shave recommended for an indulgent experience


      • Naturally antimicrobial coconut oil base is an anti-inflammatory, skin soothing moisturizer
      • Hydraulics prevent razor burn and ingrown hairs
      • Chamomile for anti-inflammatory and calming properties
      • Thyme for antifungal and antiseptic properties
      • Vitamin A to promote healthy skin cell growth and to even skin tone
      • Vitamin E as an antioxidant to protect against free radicals and UV damage
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